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Thousands of games are released by indie developers every year, and hundreds of thousands of podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels and websites need a way to find them. GamePR.io provides that platform, and enables developers & publishers to connect.

Free PR for indie developers

For Developers

We get it. Solo indie developers and small studios spend a lot of time, money and effort just getting games ready for market. When release day comes, you don’t have much budget left for marketing and PR.

Press releases, posting trailers on YouTube, Twitter, Itch.io, Reddit and other platforms is great… but what happens when you stop getting emails from people interested in your game?

GamePR.io should be part of your marketing strategy from day one. We connect you with a database of creators & active publishers of blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, websites etc. who are looking for indie developers & studios just like you – right now


For Publishers

Interviewing developers, writing reviews and editorials is mutually beneficial. You create unique and engaging content and benefit from your guest sharing this content with their audience. This PR is extremely valuable to developers, providing them with the exposure that is vital to their success.

Finding, contacting and setting all of this up with developers who are actively looking for PR is a difficult task, and costs money, time and effort.

GamePR.io makes this process fast and simple. Quickly search and filter a database of developers who are looking for PR right now. Then message the developer instantly, and set up interviews, reviews, editorials and more.


For Game Publishers

Game publishers are always looking for hot, new talent. GamePR is happy to act as a conduit for game publishers to find solo developers or studios who do not have representation with a publisher. The signup process is exactly the same, and contacting developers is just as simple.

As game publishers take on the role of marketers and PR agents for developers, GamePR can facilitate the outreach for these publishers.

Furthermore, we’re hoping to make it easier for developers to find a game publisher, taking the burden of marketing and PR off their shoulders.

About GamePR.io

We understood that publishers do not find it easy to perform outreach and find indie game developers looking for PR. We knew all about the struggle, because we were publishing gaming blogs ourselves. Our outreach was often met with a swiftly written email response from a developer that they would love to do an interview – if they only had the time.

This got us thinking. If we were struggling with outreach, surely other blogs, podcasts and creators out there had the same problem.

On the flip side, we knew there were developers crying out for PR, because we got emailed regularly. Hundreds of developers performing arduous outreach themselves just to get their game in the spotlight on as many blogs as possible. Sending email after email to podcasts, YouTube channels, Twitch streamers and all the other platforms… and it all takes a LOT of time.

We knew there could be a better way. An answer to the prayers of both developers and publishers alike. We founded GamePR with a mission to bridge the gap between the people who need PR and the people who can provide it.

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